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  • XP Support Expiring?

    Worried about XP Support Expiring?

    LilFlagYou don't need to. We've made a longterm commitment to Support XP. (And all other windows operating systems). YES, XP will grow less secure, but you may not NEED to upgrade.
    LilFlagFACT: Newer OS's need Newer Hardware, so don't let anyone fool you into just upgrading the OS. You need a fast CPU, more RAM, and a decent Video Card to run Vista/Win7/Win8. Bring your system in, and Let us help you decide!

  • Custom Built Computers!

    Custom Home & Business Computers!

    LilFlagNot everyone fits inside the brand box... Get a custom computer system built for your specific purposes. Don't get stuck with one that's been designed with the AVERAGE user in mind.
    LilFlagRaw power, the way YOU want it. From basic workstations, to high-powered gaming machines, Solid State Drives, and high-capacity RAID Servers for home or office, Let us build the system that YOU need, that fits your budget!
  • Data Recovery and Backup

    Hard Drive Testing and Data Recovery.

    LilFlagI need my Pictures! Hard Drive failure is catastrophic. Have you backed up your data lately? We can help. If your system is still trying to boot into windows, we can usually retrieve your information.

    LilFlagWhere do you want it? Once we have pulled the data from your system, we can put it on CD, DVD, Flash Drive, External Drive, or another computer, your choice.

  • CD and DVD Resurfacing

    CD, DVD and BLU-RAY Resurfacing!

    LilFlagDon't buy a new one just yet! Those old disks can be made to look like new in most cases, and we'll check them for free! We can restore readability to most Blu-ray, CD and DVD discs, so, instead of buying a new copy of that disc, bring yours in today! We use a high-speed pro machine that puts a real factory polish on them.

    *Some limitations apply. See store for details.

  • AVG Rocks

    AVG Anti-Virus.

    LilFlagReal Protection, Affordable Prices. AVG Antivirus is a rock solid anti-virus product that we have been using since 2005. We support AVG, when purchased thru our store.

    LilFlagExpertek's Malware Prevention Package. A complete Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Protection Package. Our MPP comes with 1 Year of American Support and Guaranteed Prevention.

  • Link to ALL our Tech Tips

    Tech Tip: Faster_Web_using_DNS_Optimization

    LilFlag Many factors affect your internet speed, the big ones that folks always see is the DL (download), UL (upload) speeds, and those are what you pay for. In tweaking your internet connection to be as fast as possible, a frequently overlooked key is your DNS response time. DNS?? Do Not Spindle? No, friends, it stands fo ...

Are YOU an XP user who is thinking about Upgrading?
Link to our Service Offerings - Hardware and Software
Computer repairs and upgrades on ALL computers including Toshiba, HP, Dell, Compaq, Acer, Sony, and Gateway. We carry a selection of New and Used; CPUs, RAM, Drives, keyboards and mice, and have used system replacements with warranties. We build NEW Custom PCs, too! Our Tuneup will help speed up a slow PC, and Re-Installing the OS will bring it back to life again, regardless of previous software issues! Most of our extensive bench services include a Hard Drive test. We provide Remote Support, Virus/malware removal, Guaranteed Malware Prevention, website design and More! DON'T THROW YOUR SYSTEM AWAY, if it's beyond repair, you can trade it in, and save some MONEY on a New(er) Computer! We help with repairs / replacement / upgrades for Desktops and Laptops, LED/CFL LCD Laptop Screens, Hinges, and DC Power jacks. Need CD/DVD/Blu-ray Resurfacing? We do that TOO, and even offer volume discounts on 10 or more! Bring a friend and save some cash!
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Link to our Product Offerings - Affiliates And Service Partners
Go with the Pro you Know! We offer Custom-Built Business-class Computers which can be ready within about a week. Expertek has been an authorized reseller of AVG for Home and Small Businesses since 2008, and we provide *free phone and carry-in support*!. We offer Security Enhancement with RoboForm, the best way to keep your passwords safe from Keyboard logging trojans and we provide *free support* for this too! We Use AND Recommend Godaddy and Bluehost for Web Services, and offer *US-Based support at a reduced or flat rate* for both of these vendors to get your site up and running FAST. Need Microsoft Office? Sure, AND we support it! Quickbooks? Custom Web Development, Database or Point of Sale (POS) needs? Let us know. Give Expertek a call @ (901)592-7728 for a consultation appointment so we can help determine the requirements of your technical needs. (*when purchased/subscribed/registered thru EXPERTEK!*)
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Our Latest Technical Tip
AUTHOR: Neil Patterson -- UPDATED: 6/28/2014 9:22 pm -- Hits: 339
Please Note: The Windows key shown below as is located on your keyboard, usually on the Lower Left, between the 'Ctrl' and 'Alt' keys, and has the little Windows flag on it. (Click here for a bigger picture - you want the key shown outlined in green.) This list of shortcuts keys is pretty complete, and includes key sequences that work in other versions of windows as well, but not all of them, many of these are specific to Windows 8. Getting around Windows 8 Start Screen and Desktop Windows 8 Charme Shortcuts Switch between Apps and Windows Power User Commands Shortcuts Managing Windows 8 Desktop Windows Windows 8 Taskbar Navigating Desktop Windows Explorer The Rest 1. Getting around Windows 8 Start Screen and Desktop Toggle between Desktop and Start Screen (or open Apps) Ctrl+Tab On Start Screen: Switch Between Start Window and All Apps ...
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Brands we service - Dell, Sony, Gateway, Toshiba, Acer, HP, Compaq. IBM

Need help with your computer? We have a troubleshooting guide for that!

Expertek fixes computers and networks in: Atoka/Munford, Brighton, Covington, Drummonds, and Munford, from Memphis to Dyersburg.
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