We offer Complete Computer Care in Munford TN.

  • Custom Built Computers!

    Custom Home & Business Computers!

    LilFlagNot everyone fits inside the brand box... Get a custom computer system built for your specific purposes. Don't get stuck with one that's been designed with the AVERAGE user in mind.
    LilFlagRaw power, the way YOU want it. From basic workstations, to high-powered gaming machines, Solid State Drives, and high-capacity RAID Servers for home or office, Let us build the system that YOU need, that fits your budget!
  • Data Recovery and Backup

    Hard Drive Testing and Data Recovery.

    LilFlagI need my Pictures! Hard Drive failure is catastrophic. Have you backed up your data lately? We can help. If your system is still trying to boot into windows, we can usually retrieve your information.

    LilFlagWhere do you want it? Once we have pulled the data from your system, we can put it on CD, DVD, Flash Drive, External Drive, or another computer, your choice.

  • ANNOUNCING Cloud Care Plus!

    Expertek's Cloud Care Plus!

    LilFlagWarrantied Home and Business Malware Protection! We Stop Malware and Viruses from getting on your PC, so it never becomes a problem. Previously available only to a limited market in western TN, Now YOU can get Warrantied Protection for Home or Office, with discounts for bulk purchases, and renewals!
    LilFlagProactive monitoring and Real-Time Scanning! Realtime proactive system monitoring to stop drive space and RAM issues before they become a problem. Optional Content Filtering for parental or business use, Online data backup! American Based, Remote Support!
  • Learn more about mobile marketing.

    Are you leveraging Mobile Marketing?

    LilFlagProfessional Service for Pros. Do you own a restaurant or business that uses scheduled contact with your customers? Stay in touch with them, using an automated system, schedule reminders to your clients using a method that is easy, and profitable. What I'm talking about is Mobile Marketing, where your message is delivered directly to your clients cell phone via text message. Startup costs are very low, and the rates for messages is also very low. Interested in reseller possibilities for this Marketing Business?

  • CD and DVD Resurfacing

    CD, DVD and BLU-RAY Resurfacing!

    LilFlagDon't buy a new one just yet! Those old disks can be made to look like new in most cases, and we'll check them for free! We can restore readability to most Blu-ray, CD and DVD discs, so, instead of buying a new copy of that disc, bring yours in today! We use a high-speed pro machine that puts a real factory polish on them.

    *Some limitations apply. See store for details.

  • XP Support Expiring?

    Worried about XP Support Expiring?

    LilFlagYou don't need to. We've made a longterm commitment to Support XP. (And all other windows operating systems). YES, XP will grow less secure, but you may not NEED to upgrade.
    LilFlagFACT: Newer OS's need Newer Hardware, so don't let anyone fool you into just upgrading the OS. You need a fast CPU, more RAM, and a decent Video Card to run Vista/Win7/Win8. Bring your system in, and Let us help you decide!

  • Link to ALL our Tech Tips

    Tech Tip: Handling GPT Partitions

    LilFlag This problem occurs sometimes when a used drive has been installed and the partition happens to be set to GPT (Protected). Windows won't let you install to it, and you cannot remove the partition using disk manager in windows. This guide assumes you have connected the drive internally in your PC as a secondary dri ...

Thanks for choosing Expertek! We fix computer problems, remove viruses, and repair slow PC's for home users and small businesses in Memphis, TN. Our website showcases a variety of tips and we actually use these tips to train our employees, so it's a good idea to check them out, it's like free computer help! We provide hardware and software sales and support, network design, troubleshooting and implementation, internet support and website design. The computer help we provide can be delivered on site, via phone and through the internet with remote services. For local repairs, we have a brick and mortar location in Munford, TN. Stop by and check out our friendly staff, and wide array of services.

Our Latest Technical Tip
AUTHOR: Neil Patterson -- UPDATED: 1/6/2015 8:49 am -- Hits: 231
Why is my system slow? System slowness can be attributed to a number of different factors, so you should consider where the computer is slow. Is it slow immediately after turning the system? (POST issues) Is it slow in between the time that Windows starts to appear and the login or desktop actually shows up? this would indicate boot issues. After the login, having hardware that can handle the needs of the operating system is very important. Slowness will result if you don't. Then windows startup program compatibility issues, driver or registry errors, malware and viruses can cause issues as ...
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Brands we service - Dell, Sony, Gateway, Toshiba, Acer, HP, Compaq. IBM

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Are YOU an XP user who is thinking about Upgrading?
Expertek fixes computers and networks with Offices in: Munford Tennessee, and all of the surrounding area!!
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