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We are sharing this TedTalk video, not because of the political nature of it, but because of the way the speaker presents the concept of hacking your mind, the most powerful wetware device we know of. Awareness is key to consciousness, you cannot defend yourself against things that come in under your personal radar. These days, it pays to ask about motives about almost everything. Why am I being given this info? What is missing? How are they attempting to influence my bias? Observe from the news providers perspective to determine their overt/covert agenda.

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So, the program is broken and it won't uninstall. No need to freak out, you can remove it manually using regedit and system restore. Determine which folder in the program files the program is installed in. This is the target folder that you want to delete. Next, open regedit, and press F3 to search for that folder. Be sure to include proceeding and trailing backslashes. IE. \AVG\ (as you find each entry referencing the files in that folder, delete the reference. Press f3 to search again. Repeat this process until the registry is cleared of all references to that folder.) Reboot, then delete the folder in question, permanently. (Clear the recycle bin, or bypass it entirely) Now, try the system, is everything working ok? Great, you're done! ...

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