Updating Cloud Care Plus

The files and procedure you need to update the AVG Cloud Care Plus product.

  1. Download the Cloud Care update file from AVG - Click Here.
  2. Install the update - Find where you Downloaded the file to your system, then double click to run it.
  3. Wait patiently while it updates your PC. If you get a popup asking if you want to allow it to continue, be sure to Allow it to run.
  4. Reboot when it seems to be done - you may have to wait 20 minutes.
  5. After the reboot, check AVG to make sure it updated by right-clicking the AVG icon in the system tray (where the time is), then select About.. - it should indicate version 3.4.x

After AVG Cloud Care update completes, you need to update a few other programs:

Download, then install. You can delete the installer after each install.

  • Java - Click here to DL the latest version of Java from their site.
    - Notes: This update will try to change your home page - try to avoid that by reading the screens that pop up, and selecting not to change browser settings. It will also ask to UNINSTALL old versions of JAVA - You should allow that to happen.
  • Flash - Click here to DL the latest version of Flash from their site.
    - Notes: Before clicking the INSTALL NOW Button, uncheck the download of McAfee's Security Scan Plus. You don't need it.
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