Expertek's Cloud Care Plus

Cloud Care Plus. The Last Antivirus you'll ever need.

ARE YOU SICK AND TIRED OF ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAMS THAT DON'T WORK? Expertek's Cloud Care Plus is a Comprehensive Defense which comes with American Support and 1 Year Warranty on Infections. It comes with everything you need, professionally installed on a one-on-one individual basis, [During NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS] and configured to provide maximum security. It's SO Effective that over the past 6 YEARS, we have sold more than 1000 units of the MPP in our local, rural environment, with users of all levels of knowledge, and have had less than 35 warranty claims. It's unheard of in this industry! To understand how Cloud Care Plus came about, check out this tech-tip on it's forerunner; the Malware Prevention Package. The warranty hasn't changed, but now this outstanding product is available Nationwide!!

Cloud Care Plus

Did you get Cloud Care from us in the past year?

Get the AVG CloudCare 3.4.0 update that many missed!!

How can we offer a warranty on infections? Because frankly, this customized installation and configuration confirms that you are clean to begin with, and then using multiple technologies, keeps the junk off your PC. The end result is a secure PC, and as long as you avoid using Internet Explorer, and visiting 'Sin Sites', you may never have to call us. Our dual blocker system prevents your computer from accessing known malignant sites, sites that are known for dispersing infectious material, with the thought that if your computer can't get there, they can't put their junk on your PC. It makes it physically impossible. In fact, in most cases where someone has gotten infected while using our MPP, they used a flash drive that happened to have a real virus, not just malware.

Click here for a side-by-side comparison of features
with Norton and McAfee

Cloud Care Plus: Our Comprehensive Anti-Malware Suite includes:

  • American Support: Free Phone/Remote Support for Malware-Related issues - Based in Western Tennessee.
  • Firefox Web Browser: The Safest Web Browser, Set as default.
  • Expertek’s Dual Blocker System: Eliminates access to known risks.
  • Expertek’s CryptoProtect Premium: Stops Cryptology software from installing.
  • AVG Anti-Virus Pro: Full-Time Complete Malware and Anti-Virus protection.
  • AVG Firewall: Real-time stateful packet inspection against Worms and Hackers.
  • AVG IT Remote Pro: Remote Support saves gas, time and money. Bench rate ($60/hr) for non-malware issues!!
  • AVG Proactive System: HD and RAM Monitoring to stop issues proactively.
  • Windows User Access Control: Checked and Set to Microsoft’s default levels.
  • Optional Content Filtering for business and parents. $29.99/yr.- Block unwanted sites.
  • Optional Online Data Backup 25GB / $100 annually. Secure your critical documents.
  • Free Remote support for virus related issues and warrantied protection for 1 year from the date of install.

Cloud Care Plus is $90 for the first year.

  • 10% Discount for 3 seats (for families), 20% off for 10+ (GREAT FOR BUSINESSES!)
  • Renewal is ALWAYS 50% off current full price. ($45 for CCP, $15 for Content Filtering.)
  • These discounts will be applied to the optional Content Filtering, but not Online Backup services.

Select the # of CCP Licenses you need:
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Your PC must be CLEAN,
before we can start. *

Expertek's Cloud Care Plus
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CALL (888) 983-1643

Purchases protected via Paypal! Once you have completed the paypal process, you will contact us DURING NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS to confirm the information, then we will email the first part to you. Once you have Downloaded and installed the Cloud Care Plus, Call us and we will initiate the rest of the installation with you on the phone, testing the remote system and installing 4 additional pieces.

* Your PC must be CLEAN, Virus/Malware-free before we can start. During our initial inspection, if it is discovered that you are previously infected, a Pre-CCP Tuneup (<6 Malware pieces installed = Tuneup @ $60) OR Cleaning (>6 Malware pieces installed = Cleanup @ $150) will be required. If you cannot get online at all, Your PC may require LOCAL cleaning prior to us starting. Call for Troubleshooting or details.

Additional Notes, Warranty, and License Info HERE.
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