Computer Repair

If your PC is slow, Infected with a virus, or needs a data backup or your laptop has a broken screen, we can fix it. We've been taking care of home users and small business PC's for over 7 years in the local area. When you need help, we're here for you. Click here if you need to get an idea of how we bill or what our flat rates are.

Expertek specializes in fast turn around on Computer Repair. If your PC is getting pop-ups from a malware infection, or you suspect you need a virus removed, we can clean your computer. Running slow? what you need is tune-up for your PC. Cracked LCD? We stock some screens and will order what you need for laptop screen replacement.
Both laptop and desktop computers have hardware components that can go bad and may need replacing over time. Here is a list of several components that we can upgrade or replace for you:
  • Screens - Replace Cracked or nonfunctional unit
  • Keyboards - Replace missing keys or nonfunctional unit
  • Hinges - Replace broken or nonfunctional unit

  • Laptops And Desktops:
  • Hard Drives - Upgrades, replace nonfunctional unit
  • Optical Drives (CD / DVD) - Replace malfunctioning unit
  • RAM (Random Access Memory) - Upgrade or Replace nonfunctional unit
  • CPUs (Central Processor Unit) - Upgrade or Replace nonfunctional unit
  • Motherboards - Upgrade or Replace nonfunctional unit
  • Power Supplies - Replace nonfunctional unit
  • Modems / NIC (Network Interface Card) - Upgrade or Replace nonfunctional unit

  • Desktops Only:
  • Sound Cards - Upgrade or Replace nonfunctional item
  • Video Cards - Upgrade or Replace nonfunctional item

New/Used PC Parts, Prices and Availability vary. Please call (901) 837-7799 or come in to find out what we have in stock, or request a quote on a special item.

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Apologies, we don't accept Discover or American Express.

We also consider MOST trade-ins FOR CREDIT and use LOCAL, Green, Recycling and Disposal.

We service Custom systems, as well as Dell, Compaq, IBM, Acer, Sony, Gateway, Toshiba, HP, and YOURS.

We service ALL of the following Microsoft Windows Operating systems.

All Flavors of Windows since 98, even though some of these are insecure now.

Expertek provides NATIONWIDE Computer Repair, Network Support, Remote Services, and On Site Support for home and business.
Our Headquarters is in :: Tampa, Florida 33615 - (727) 200-5000
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