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Previous Testimonials / Feedback

On 7/8/2014, Jimmy F. said :

"Thank u EXPERTEK for all my computer neesds. "

And gave us Stars out of 5

On 1/27/2014, Jerry R. said :

"The gaming system that we got for our son for Christmas from you is really nice. The fact that our cousin (who is a computer guy) says that it rocks says a lot! Thanks again for your help on the phone last night!"

And gave us Stars out of 5

On 11/13/2013, Jimmy F. said :

"Neil, Thanks 4 your help!!!"

And gave us Stars out of 5

On 8/26/2013, Ben D. said :

"I appreciate how fast you got my system done! Thanks!!"

And gave us Stars out of 5

On 5/25/2013, Harry K. said :

"Neil, Hello. I spoke to you earlier about the computer you sold me. I went to FOXNEWS.COM and the usual pictures that are supposed to be under the feature titled features and faces do not show up. NEVER have had this problem on any other computer including my work computer. None of the videos on the site are working either. I appreciate your help in this matter. Sincerely, Harry Kitchens"

And gave us Stars out of 5

On 9/8/2012, Eddie F. said :

"These guys rock!! Dude opened my computer up and checked things out, said it was dusty - LOL I hadnt looked in it since I got it new. Then he checked my power supply and fixed it right there - BAM. I couldn't be happier - he showed me how to check my "startups" in msconfig too and gave it a tuneup while I waited. I'll definietly be back!"

And gave us Stars out of 5

On 11/4/2011, John D. said :

"The system was fine when I got home, but after a few days, it was running slow again. I talked with Neil for a few minutes on the phone. I had to bring it back in and have a few things more done to it. He didn't charge me anything more to fix it."

And gave us Stars out of 5

On 10/19/2011, Marc M. said :

"thanks Neil. thought you guys did a great job. i am loving the new computer. Look forward to doing business with you and Mary in the future."

And gave us Stars out of 5

On 9/20/2011, D W. said :

"We are glad you are in Munford !Why go any other place ? The people and service are great ! The price is good too. Give them a try the next time you need help. I also am looking forward to their school in Oct."

And gave us Stars out of 5

On 6/6/2011, Charlotte R. said :

"Thank you Tim and Neil for fixing my poor old computer! You have a great little establishment, and I'm glad you guys are in Munford."

And gave us Stars out of 5

On 3/17/2011, Shaun F. said :

"Hey guys! :-) You are the BOMB!!!!!!!!! I have NEVER had such a wonderful experience in getting my computer repaired as I did, with Tim and Neil! It was the best money I have EVER spent! Thanks guys!"

And gave us Stars out of 5

On 3/2/2011, Jack E. said :

"Neal & Tony epitomize the Importance of {WHY YOU REALLY NEED TO PICK THE RIGHT EXPERTS; THE FIRST TIME!} They're extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of Computer Repair & Services. Their repair rates are the lowest around; with honest explanations, leading to the solution, and guaranteed personal follow`up! I have brought many computers in, and have referred friends and family. ~*~ Bravo Zulu & SEMPER FIDELIS! ~ A.J."

And gave us Stars out of 5

On 2/5/2011, john L. said :

"Neil has always gone out of his way to address all of my system's needs, even the most unusual software/hardware compatability issues. He is one of the few left who actually call you back and make sure that you are satisfied with the service. TOP NOTCH!"

And gave us Stars out of 5

On 1/30/2011, Ernie F. said :

"Very professional and good service. I had gone to my regular repair person with a big problem. I have a home business and a real JOB that I need my computer for everyday. I needed my computer in a hurry.They said it would be 7 to 8 days with no question. My wife had told me about Expertek in our town of Munford,so I gave them a shot at the repair which was very involved. I had my computer back in one day with every thing back to normal. The service was very professionally done and I feel like I got much more than I paid for in good and service. I was so pleased with the service that I took my other computer to them the very next day with the same results. I would recommend their service to anyone that has a real computer problem!! "

And gave us Stars out of 5

On 1/6/2011, Kay C. said :

"100% satisfied with work that was done on my computer. Very knowledgeable and speedy in repairing my computer. Spent lots of time answering all my questions. I highly recommend this business."

And gave us Stars out of 5

On 12/29/2010, Paul D. said :

" I can testify on a personal note.....these guys know what they're doing! They're take time to explain what the problem is and not make you feel degraded for not knowing yourself! The 'Main' guy, Neil Patterson, was the first one I dealt with and he or his staff will not try to rip you off. It's a blessing, in this day and age, to have someone you can truly rely on to get the job done, at a reasonable price! I'll definitely be a return customer; that's why I refer anyone who's having problems with their PC.......give Expertek a try; you won't be sorry! Sincerely, Paul DeLashmit "Saved By Grace" Gospel Quartet"

And gave us Stars out of 5

On 12/12/2010, Shane W. said :

"Apparently I didn't rate the service with my testimonial. Well here goes......"

And gave us Stars out of 5

On 12/8/2010, Shane W. said :

"Expertek is an amazing computer shop, very professional layout. You can absolutely trust your system with the staff at Expertek. 100% satisfied with this shop!! "

And gave us Stars out of 5

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