On-Site Support and Service

Our on-site services are perfect when you need help with troubleshooting network issues like performance or connectivity. We can have a tech at your home or business, tomorrow, no matter where you are. If you're near an Expertek Location, we can probably be there today! We provide on-site personal setups for new systems, and network gear, and will help with implementation and integration of new equipment and peripherals into your existing networked environment, NATIONWIDE. Call for a quote and let us know what you need, a one-hour visit typically costs $100 and includes documentation of the existing setup, notes on current issues and any action taken by our team, and finally, suggestions for any easy improvements and future upgrades. We advise on Emergency recovery, Security issues, Data Loss Prevention, as well as General Computer and Network Efficiency. Call us to see if we can help improve your networking satisfaction and security.

On-site Services are really useful when:

  • You're not sure how to take apart your computer system to bring it in, or need help getting it hooked back up.
  • Need help with not just your computer, but other items on your network. Integration of new networked devices, or installation of server or networked software.
  • You need help with network security, setting up networked printers, running cable, installing new or upgrading old networking equipment.
  • The equipment you need help with is in use, (partially functional) and needs to be restored to operating efficiency without taking it away from the business.

On-sites are not recommended for OS Re-Installs, Virus removal, website design, or other lengthy projects because onsites are done strictly by the hour, and you will find that our rates are much lower when bringing the system in to our shop.

EXPERTEK's Mission:

Expertek provides NATIONWIDE Microsoft-Certified Computer and Network Support, delivered via Remote or On-Site, for YOUR Home or Business environment with Speed, Professionalism, and Reliability and a focus on your privacy and security.


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