Website Support

How advanced a site do you need to attractively and effectively get your message on the web? Only you can decide, but once you do, we can help you get there. To us, as a site designer, The most important part is having a solid concept of what you want the site to look like, and having content to fill the pages. Generally speaking, a well designed site costs $50-100 per page, and you should receive a template on which the site is based, and if purchased through a ethical web developer like Expertek, you own your Domain Name. (It happens that certain developers have held sites for ransom when their bill wasn't paid, by not providing account and password info the rightful owner.) Expertek will make sure you OWN your domain name, make all your textual content and information look pretty, and get your feedback along the way, as we put the site together. There are colors to be choosen, menus to be laid out. You don't even have to leave your home, when you work with us, we'll make adjustments, you reload the page, and tell us what you think! Want to know more, Click Here.

Website Design

Got a great idea for a site? Fantastic! We can start a website from an idea, a brochure, or even a business card. From basic, single-page info sites, to fully dynamic, database-driven shopping carts (and more!), Expertek can handle your web design needs. Our first step is helping you nail down the overall look and feel of the interface, then create a Template to make the site appear uniform. All sites include Custom Graphics, as well as Bandwidth and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We work with you one-on-one to create the site of your dreams. Call for a free 15 minute consultation and get a quote today!

Got a site already, but need it updated? We do that too. Regardless of what you have currently, we can usually make it better AND faster, correct spelling errors, add features and remove old info. We will help you update your old look, or just fix a few things. Call for a free 15 minute consultation and get a quote!

Website Hosting

First off - you need to think about your audience, How many people are you going to expect, and how soon? How much content are you going to host yourself and how much to place on other servers? * Hosting can run as little as $0 per month (tons of cheap free hosting out there - google for it). Expertek provides subhosting for many of our customers sites for as little as $300/yr and includes a lot of free support. We also provide minor updates for the same cost (depends on how much of a change it is.)

Search Engine Optimization

** Some Search Engine Optimization happens as we design and build your website, but getting found on the web takes considerable time and effort to get into the search engines. Results are slow to see. We can assist, but there is NO SUBSTITUTE for your own efforts, as this is a personal ownership type issue, and one that you should only delegate to an authorized representative of your company.

For further advice on starting a website, check out this Tech Tip.

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Expertek provides NATIONWIDE Microsoft-Certified Computer and Network Support, delivered via Remote or On-Site, for YOUR Home or Business environment with Speed, Professionalism, and Reliability and a focus on your privacy and security.


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