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    Manual Windows program removal made EASY

    LilFlag So, the program is broken and it won't uninstall. No need to freak out, you can remove it manually using regedit and system restore. Determine which folder in the program files the program is installed in. This is the target folder that you want to delete. Next, open regedit, and press F3 to search for that folder. Be sure to include proceeding ... [927 views]

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    LilFlag It's not very often that I am concerned about a virus or malware that is out there, however, having seen the damage that can be done, We are now offering a prevention utility that will help to stop cryptolocker from encrypting your data files. However, please keep in mind that once your system has been compromised, there isn't much you ... [2333 views]

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    OH NO! My CD-DVD Drive has disappeared!!

    LilFlag We see this kind of problem fairly frequently, usually after someone has installed additional CD/DVD burning software to the system, when it already has some. The first symptom people notice is that, suddenly, CD/DVDs won't play when inserted into the drive like they used to, OR, the new CD-burning software can't find the optical drive. When that happens, Confirm that ... [2294 views]

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    LilFlag This page was getting large so was recently converted to a collapsible version with indices to help you find what you're looking for. Please, if you find a link is not working, let us know. These sites have been recommended mostly due to the high quality of the info, interesting handling/nature of the subject matter, and being secure and malware free. ... [3250 views]

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    Computer Systems: Custom-Built Vs. Brand-Name

    LilFlag The Time to decide is now. Can I afford to spend money now and get the best system I can, or do I want save money NOW, and repair my system down the road. Repeatedly. Because, if you knew what was inside that case, you would understand how the price can be so low at Wally-world. The fact is, that ... [1797 views]

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    Troubleshooting Basic Internet Connectivity

    LilFlag To find out where the problem is occurring, one must take a few steps as follows: First - Check basics: Power on, for all connecting equipment? How about the lights on modem and/or router - are they on and showing connected? If the modem is not showing connection lights, call your ISP (Internet Service Provider). As the diagram below shows, ... [1109 views]

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    How to handle Malware

    LilFlag There are 2 Main Methods of attacking the attackers: The first and obvious choice will be discussed at length, Cleaning the system of its infected programs and related files,preserving the data and configuration as much as possible (sometimes additional steps are required, such as correcting issues stemming from the malware removal). The second choice is more extreme, and involves backing up ... [2964 views]

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    Change the way windows lets you logon (ctrl-alt-del).

    LilFlag Tired of the same old logon, click your icon and type a password? Would you like to make windows a little more secure and 'corporate-like'? For Windows XP, follow these steps: Log on to the computer as an administrator. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click User Accounts. Click Change the way users log on or off. Click to select the Use ... [3912 views]


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How to avoid malware infections from known bad sites, and other activities. Just like real life, stepping into morally-questionable territory on the web carries inherent risks that you may unknowingly expose yourself to. "Sin sites" have a. . .

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Laptops; Avoiding THERMAL EVENTS

What to do when your laptop shuts down spontaneously. Got yourself a Nice New Laptop? Great, and I KNOW you want to make it last for more than just a few years, right? Computers get. . .

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Faster Web using DNS Optimization

How to speed up your internet connection for the whole house. Many factors affect your internet speed, the big ones that folks always see is the DL (download), UL (upload) speeds, and those are what you. . .

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Basics of Hardware/Software Troubleshooting. When your PC starts to act irrationally, there are several things you can do. Reboot. Does the problem persist? Ask yourself, "What changed Last?",. . .

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Troubleshooting Basic Internet Connectivity

Cannot connect to the web? Fix your own network trouble! To find out where the problem is occurring, one must take a few steps as follows: First - Check basics: Power on, for all connecting. . .

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Using CCleaner to check your computer for malware

CCleaner can tune up your PC and help clean it of junkware, malware and viruses. If you haven't seen our tech tip on CCleaner, Click here. That article shows the basics of where to DL the software and initial configuration. . .

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Reset your XP TCP-IP stack.

When the PC will not connect to the web, sometimes this needs to be done, especially if the PC wa infected recently. TCP/IP not working in Windows XP/2003 Problem: In Windows XP/2003, IPCONFIG /RENEW responds with "the RPC server is not available", and traditional reset procedures using 'netsh. . .

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